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I was in a pickle. I had an emergency, my mother was sick, It was 5AM and needed a taxi to Newark airport to catch a 7am flight to see her in Miami. I explained my situation and am so thankful I received the fastest and cheapest airport run for only $68 I was picked up at 5:30am sharp in Nanuet, NY and made it to Laguardia at 6:12am just in time to make my flight. The last call for all domestic flights USA flights is 30 minutes before take off. Beautiful car 2019 and the driver gave me a water. He was very genuine, and humble person who told me not to worry and put me at ease . He was very funny, and cordial and guaranteed we would make it on time! Since he kept his word,. I gave him a nice tip. Call Nyack Upber Lyft Taxi Car service. Highly recommended.

–  New Y

Best Taxi for Emergencies